The online catalogue "Griechischer Geist aus Basler Pressen" is based on the catalogue of the exhibition "en Basileia polei tes Germanias - Griechischer Geist aus Basler Pressen" published by Frank Hieronymus in 1992. On that occasion the University Library of Basel presented in an exhibition of the same title a selection of its rich historical book collection printed in Basel containing works of antique and early Christian Greek authors.

The catalogue describes more than 560 works of the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries and, with the help of these printed Greek texts, draws an impressive picture of the importance of Basel as a European centre of book production and humanism. In addition, it is a source of interesting information on the relevant activities of famous Basel printers, editors and commentators, such as Hieronymus Froben, Heinrich Petri and Erasmus von Rotterdam.

The database is accompanied by circa 3500 digital photographs showing the most important pages of all the works under discussion.

IT-concept: Andres von Arx, Andreas Bigger, Thierry Spampinato

Digital Imaging and Text-Editing: Martin Cassani, Marie-Claire Crelier, Martin Leuenberger, Christoph Schneider, Benedikt Vögeli