24 Nov 2023
19:00  - 21:00

Zentrum für Afrikastudien, Rheinsprung 21, Basel Seminarraum 00.004. Basel

Documentary: Racism through visual images and language

Discriminatory depictions can exert a significant influence on individuals, advancing prejudicial beliefs and generating sensations of disgrace, indignation, and exclusion. The investigation intends to explore the utilization of discriminatory images through an interdisciplinary approach, engaging with specialists in the fields of history, anthropology, and psychology.

Specifically, the investigators will seek to comprehend the historic and cultural contexts in which such images have been employed, as well as the psychological effects they can have on individuals, particularly people of color. Furthermore, they will convene a panel discussion with students who attended the Sustainability Forum at Basel University, during which the invited speaker, Stephan Mann, presented images of enslaved black people, drawing parallels between the barbarity of the past and contemporary animal cruelty for meat consumption. Racially charged depictions constitute not only a source of individual affront but also a mechanism that sustains systemic racism, social disparity, and inequity. The investigation shall engage with activists and proponents who strive to redress the utilization of such imagery in practices that marginalize and discriminate against ethnic minorities. They shall further scrutinize how these representations and language advance discriminatory practices, foster implicit bias and bigotry, and deliberate on strategies to counteract such attitudes.

Medium: Video / Audio  

The event will be conducted in German and English, with translations provided; and will be announced under: https://zasb.unibas.ch/de/veranstaltungen/


Mit Anna Lea Aebischer, Zainabu Jallo, Ann Karimi Kern, Iria Mudimu, Kenneth Mudimu, Carla Oliveria Rütti

Treffpunkt: 19.00 Uhr, Zentrum für Afrikastudien, Rheinsprung 21, Basel Seminarraum 00.004. Basel
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