08 Nov 2023
16:00  - 18:00


UB Medizin

Schulung, Online

Literature Searching with PubMed - Advanced

This course builds on the course “Basics in Literature Search with PubMed and Other Resources”. It will deepen and complement your knowledge on the important search functions needed for a specific and comprehensive medical literature search. You will learn to build a systematic search strategy by extracting keywords (MeSH) and text words from references. Tips and tricks, as well as saving and exporting search strategies and search results will be shared.

- Defining questions; Boolean search operators (AND, OR, NOT); contents of PubMed
- Thesaurus; search with Medical Subject Headings (with exercises)
- Search with text words and field search; truncating (with exercises)
- Combining MeSH and text-word searches (with exercises)
- Saving and managing searches; personal settings, alert services
- Export of references and access to full texts via swisscovery

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