New Corona regulations as of 1 November 2021

Status as on 28 October 2021

University Main Library


  • Access to the building and all services is only possible with the official Covid certificate or the university’s hologram sticker. This will be controlled in all areas.
  • Other certificates (e.g. the spit tests offered by the university) do not entitle you to enter the University Main Library.
  • Admission to the special reading rooms is by appointment. Details can be found here.
  • The current number of visitors in our libraries can be found here at any time.


  • Wearing of masks is not required

Reading rooms

  • Full occupancy of the reading rooms
  • No seat reservation

Borrowing and using the holdings without a certificate

  • Items from the Main Library can be ordered in the catalogue free of charge via courier for collection at another university library location or for home delivery via the postal service for a fee.
  • For items that cannot be borrowed, copies/digitisation requests can be ordered for a fee.
  • Returns are possible from Monday to Friday from 10:00 – 17:00 at Bernoullistrasse 20 (ramp University Library) (please ring at Lending). Alternatively, it is possible to return items at other courier libraries. 


Other University Library locations and other libraries affiliated with the university


  • The libraries can be accessed without a certificate. 
  • In the following libraries individual study areas are designated as requiring a certificate. The certificate requirement is necessary so that all seats can be occupied. However, it is still compulsory to wear a mask. The University of Basel carries out regular, systematic certificate checks. The spit tests offered by the university are recognised in these rooms. 
    • University Medical Library
    • University Library Rosental
    • Library of the Faculty of Law
  • The current number of visitors in our libraries can be found here at any time. The information relates to all areas of the library; the percentage of reading room occupancy can be significantly higher.


  • The requirement to wear masks still applies generally in all areas.

Contact tracing

  • Please leave your contact details in the marked boxes at the exit. Forms are provided.

Information and regulations of the University of Basel with respect to the new Coronavirus.

The hygiene and conduct rules of the FOPH apply.