/ Simon Geiger

Corona Support: more e-books available

The University Library acquires access to comprehensive e-book collections of further publishers

In the days of social distancing and closed libraries, the availability of e-books is even more important to access scientific literature. Hence, the University Library acquired further so called "evidence based book selection" programs. During the term of the agreement, the complete e-book collection of the publisher is activated for reading and downloading, selected titles permanently. Current agreements include Brill, Cambridge University Press, and Duncker & Humblot. More offerings are in preparation. The e-books included are listed in the catalogue. These agreements are of limited duration. However, optonial prolongations will be negotiated. A current overview is given in Goodwill Offers Coronavirus/COVID-19. The newly added offerings are further expanding the already considerable collection of digital literature provided by the University Library. Nearly all e-books published by De Gruyter, Springer, and Wiley may be read and downloaded within the computer network of the University of Basel, or worldwide via VPN. As previously reported, several publishers unlocked their e-books for a limited period. Most of these goodwill offers will end on 30. June 2020, some even earlier. Obviously, we gladly take your acquisition requests