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Springer open access article quota

Springer Open Choice standard form

Springer Open Choice standard form

The quota of free open access article publishing in the journals supporting "Springer Open Choice" is exhausted.

The agreement Springer Compact negotiated by swissunviersities includes a limited number of open access articles in the journals supporting "Springer Open Choice". The quota pooled on a national level is exhausted. Like the other Swiss universities, the University of Basel does not cover the costs for articles exceeding the quota. The workflow will be switched to the standard procedure presenting authors the option ro pay for immediate open access (see screen shot). Since it is difficult to get funds covering "article processing charges" in hybrid open access journals, we recommend green open access on via Uni Basel Research Database . The open access team at UB takes care for the publication of the uploaded accepted manuscript after the compulsory embargo period. Articles accepted from 2022 will be assigned to the quota 2022. Please address your questions to .
More Information see Open Access / Publication discounts and swisuniversities.