The University Main Library is undertaking building alterations for you

The University Library Basel with its five locations is one of the most important public information centres in the region. As a mediator between science and the public, the library offers its users a diverse learning and meeting place. In order to provide our guests with contemporary library services with learning opportunities that meet today’s requirements until such time as the building is completely renovated, some alterations and renovation work will be undertaken from September 2020 to spring 2021.

What is new?

Lending services will be redesigned so that borrowing is possible by means of the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) self-checking system. This will allow items to be borrowed and returned independently. In addition, further, contemporary study spaces will be set up, including in places where the suitability for this purpose needs to be evaluated (part of the journals stacks, main staircase, etc.). Two stairwells will be converted to emergency escape stairwells, which will enable full use of the main staircase and the entrance area. In the basement, the space will be converted so that enough lockers can be made available for all users. This will enable jackets and bags to be deposited by users themselves without having to wait. The cloakroom will only be staffed until the renovation has been completed.

The building project has been planned and will be managed by Schröer Sell Architekten.


No news available.

Construction noise

Construction management endeavours to carry out noise-intensive work during off-peak times, but this may not always be possible. We ask for your understanding for any noise during opening hours.

  1. Redesign and upgrading of the entrance area so that it serves as a recreational and orientation area. Making more lockers available in the area of the Schönbeinstrasse stairwell in the basement.
  2. Retrofitting of the secondary staircases to become emergency escape staircases in order to relieve the main staircase as an evacuation staircase and to create recreational opportunities in the entrance area as well as on the individual floors of the main staircase.
  3. Study and reading spaces in the U1 journals stacks as a laboratory for future «learning and working environments».
  4. Installation of work spaces in the open stacks so that learning opportunities can also be provided in this unique atmosphere.  
  5. Adaptation of the study areas in the front building to current standards, enabling various forms of studying and working, from conference rooms to single work areas to a family room.  
  6. Updating and optimising of the study and reading spaces in the existing study area on the first floor.
  7. Redesign of the lending service (RFID, «Lounge Basiliensia»)

Library use

Use of the University Main Library is guaranteed during the entire construction period. For the areas affected by the renovation, such as lending services, information centre and ITSC-PG2 (IT support), provisional locations will be organised. These temporary locations and diversions will be signposted throughout the building.

Restrictions from 25th August until probably the end of 2020

  • The open stacks and journals stacks are closed to the public, but items can be ordered during this time and will be made available by library staff for collection. Items can be ordered via the catalogue and can be collected from the lending desk (temporary location: ground floor, Room 008.2) after receipt of a collection notice.
  • The information centre is temporarily located on the first floor, Room 116 (exhibition room).
  • Self-service copiers and scanners will be temporarily located in the journals reading room (first floor). Due to the renovations and new work processes, the serviced copy centre will no longer be available.
  • As part of the renovation, the serviced copy centre (first floor) will be converted to a modern self-collection station for ordered items.
  • The public bicycle cellar will no longer be available from the start of construction on the 25th of August.

Restrictions January to March 2021

  • IT support (ITSC-PG2) will provisionally be located on the first floor, Room 117 (exhibition room).

We will keep you informed about construction work via our website.