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All training courses at the University Medical Library (EndNote, Zotero, PubMed...) (see Training Course Calendar) can also be attended by members of the DSBG or sports science students. Further courses available on request (

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University Main Library holdings: Sports Science:

  • Fundamental and comprehensive works on the subjects as a whole and on individual sport disciplines
  • Reference works (encyclopaedias, lexicons, language dictionaries)
  • Literature on the history, philosophy, psychology and sociology of sport
    For literature on methodology and didactics of physical education and individual sports, see: Library of the Institute for Sport and Sports Science (DSBG)
  • Literature on the scientific basis of training
  • A little on training (e.g. techniques and tactics of handball)
  • Journals in consultation with the Institute, or if possible, online as part of the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries
  • Historical holdings (depositum PE teacher library)

University Medical Library holdings: Sports medicine as well as the holdings of the DSBG Library:

  • Sports science and sports practice journals
  • Further monographs and anthologies to deepen the sports science knowledge of individual specialist areas
  • Monographs with practical sports content (methodology, didactics, individual sport disciplines)
  • Textbooks
  • Dictionaries, reference works
  • Audio-visual media
  • Degree theses 1964-2006
  • Master theses 2007-2017 (documented in edoc with metadata and abstracts)

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