29 Nov 2023
10:00  - 12:30

UB Hauptbibliothek, Vortragssaal, 1st floor

Data Protection Officer; University Library

Forschung & Lehre, Data Stewardship Programme

Basics on Data Protection Law and Recent Law Revisions, Part 1 (Course E)

This workshop addresses the basics of data protection and its relevance to the handling of research data.

The participants will gain an awareness for which research projects and questions data protection law is relevant. The aim of the workshop is, that the data stewards are able to support researchers in simple data protection issues. The data stewards will know when the support of the data protection and information security officers of the University of Basel is required in order to sufficiently guarantee data protection in a research project.

The first part of the workshop covers the theoretical basics of data protection law, which are applied in a second workshop when discussing concrete research projects.

Course dates are:

    Part 1: Theoretical introduction: 29.11.2023, 10.00-12.30
    Part 2: Exercise: 06.12.2023, 10.00-12.30

Trainer: Loredana Martignetti

Workshop language: English or German (depending on the participants). Please indicate language when you register.


The course is primarily aimed at data stewards and other people working in RDM support who will receive an invitation by email. Other people who are interested in taking part in the course are asked to contact the coordinators of the data stewardship programme.

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