19 Okt 2023
15:00  - 16:30

UB Hauptbibliothek, Vortragssaal, 1st floor

RDM Network

Forschung & Lehre, Data Stewardship Programme

Services of the Center for Data Analytics (CeDA)

Unprecedented advances in our ability to capture and analyze data are rapidly transforming essentially all research domains. At the same time, an increased focus on the value of interdisciplinary research is facilitating the application of established methods in novel application spaces. The Center for Data Analytics endeavors to shepherd the Unibas community through this exciting period. We contribute concretely as collaborative researchers and consultants to new and ongoing research projects. We also work closely with our partner sciCORE - the Center for Scientific Computing - to develop the infrastructure required to maintain a competitive advantage for Unibas researchers. At this event, a few key CeDA projects and how we operate will be discussed.

Trainer: Geoffrey Fucile

The course is primarily aimed at data stewards and other people working in RDM support who will receive an invitation by email. Other people who are interested in taking part in the course are asked to contact the coordinators of the data stewardship programme.

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