Loans for exhibitions

The University Library Basel contributes to regional, national and international culture by providing not only in-house displays but also exhibits for other exhibitions in Basel, Switzerland and worldwide. The University Library Basel is however, not obligated to provide items on loan, and only makes manuscripts and printed works available for exhibitions in justified cases.

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Loans will only be provided for exhibitions with cultural-scientific aims, which take place within a suitable framework (e.g. library, museum, archive). However, they are not made available for travelling exhibitions. The loan period should not exceed 3 months.

Requests for a loan must be submitted in writing a minimum of three months before the start of the exhibition, in order for the University Library Basel to take the necessary preparatory measures. If the loan request is for several items or a book manuscript, the request must be submitted to the University Library Basel a minimum of six months before the start of the exhibition. Requests should include details of the length and the location of the exhibition (with a facility report) as well as the topic of the exhibition.

Exhibition rooms must be sufficiently protected against fire and water damage, theft and robbery. The presentation of the exhibits may only take place in sealed cabinets. To conserve and protect the items on loan, the room temperature must be suitable for library goods (relative humidity 50%, +/-5%, temperature 20°C, +/-2°C) and damage caused by light must be avoided (no direct sunlight, UV-free light, illumination not over 50 Lux, and kept in a dark room outside opening times).

The borrower is obligated to agree with the University Library Basel regarding the way the items will be presented in the exhibition. It is up to the borrower to take on the installation, which will have been prepared by the University Library Basel. Setting up and dismantling the exhibition must be carried out by people who have experience with conservational care of library materials.

Loans may only be used for the purpose for which they were approved. Every change to the location or a possible extension of the loan period requires the written authorisation of the University Library Basel. Recordings of any kind, including for film and television, requires the explicit authorisation of the University Library Basel.

The organisation of transport is the responsibility of the borrower, but must be discussed with the University Library Basel; transport is usually undertaken by a specialist company (art transport). All costs of packaging, transport and customs clearance for the items on loan are borne by the borrower. The University Library Basel reserves the right to have the transport accompanied by its own courier at the borrower’s expense.

The borrower insures the items on loan for the duration of the loan period “nail to nail” against all risks. The borrower must agree to the fixed insurance values set by the University Library Basel and undertake to pay damages up to the amount of these values.

A written loan contract will be drawn up to cover the loan, which must be signed by the borrower and returned to the University Library Basel before transportation. The standard contract of the University Library Basel applies.

Loan requests for exhibits for exhibitions should be addressed in writing to:

Abteilung Handschriften und Alte Drucke
Schönbeinstrasse 18-20
CH - 4056 Basel, Schweiz