Libraries in the Basel network

All specialist (institutional) libraries at the University of Basel belong to the same network, along with other scientific and academic libraries in Northwestern Switzerland. These include libraries within the Canton of Basel-Stadt, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Northwestern Switzerland and the University Hospital Basel, as well as a few private libraries close to the University. The Zentralbibliothek Solothurn is also connected to the network, even though it is geographically further away. The media of the network libraries is listed in the swissbib Basel Bern catalogue.

List of libraries

GGG Stadtbibliothek Basel

The GGG Stadtbibliotheken Basel consists of eight general public libraries, comprising the Bibliothek Zentrum (main public library), six branch libraries, the Gemeindebibliothek Pratteln, the UKBB-Kinderbibliothek and the Leseförderung Kleinhüningen.

Kantonsbibliothek Baselland

The Kantonsbibliothek Baselland in Liestal provides literature for the Canton of Basel-Landschaft. They collect texts, audio- and photographic material about the Canton of Basel-Landschaft and the Basel region, as well as books by authors from the canton.

State archives

Staatsarchiv Basel-Stadt
Staatsarchiv Basel-Landschaft