EOD: eBooks on demand

You may request copies as a PDF or TIFF file of all works printed up to and including 1899, as well as manuscripts and archive documents which are older than 80 years:

  • Click on the EOD button in the catalogue to place your order.
  • You may order entire works or excerpts thereof.
  • We will check your order and let you know if the University Library is able to deliver your copy in digital format.
  • You will receive a cost estimate for each request.
  • We will carry out your request after you have confirmed the estimate.
  • The requested digital reproduction will generally be delivered within 14 days.
  • As soon as the title is ready to download, you will be offered a number of payment options. Your ebook will be released for download after successful payment.
  • More information: EOD: An overview

The offer applies to entire print works and manuscripts (a minimum of 24 pages); maps cannot be ordered as reprints.

  • In addition to digital format, the requested book will be printed as a classic paperback and sent to you.
  • The offer only applies to entire printed works (a minimum of 24 pages); manuscripts and maps cannot be ordered as reprints.
  • Further information: what is an EOD-reprint?

In the following cases, the EOD button is missing even though the work might fulfil the order criteria:

  • title has no date
  • journals
  • item has not yet been catalogued

If this happens, please fill in the blank EOD form, click ‘proceed’ and enter your order in the empty fields.