Go-live of PARC - the new meta-catalogue for the Africana collections at the research location Basel


On 24 August 2023, the new research portal PARC (Portal for African Research Collections) is launched. PARC aims to make all Africana collections in Basel accessible and visible in one meta catalogue.

The goal of the technical design was that the portal would remain functional even with a poor Internet connection. This will ensure good access for researchers and students on the African continent. The digital archives of the five partner institutions are currently available: University of Basel, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Museum der Kulturen Basel, Mission 21 and Basler Afrika Bibliographien. In the future, additional holdings within Switzerland and Europe or African institutions can be integrated.

In addition to bibliographic and archival collections, ethnographic objects, photographs, posters, films/videos, sound recordings and digital collections (incl. audio-visual media) can also be found.

The Launch of the portal also marks the opening of the exhibition Deal with it – Afrikanisches Erbe in Basel statt.