University of Basel computer network

All computers in the network of the University of Basel (IP range 131.152.*.*, domain can access e-media (databases, e-journals, e-books) licensed by the University Library. This also applies to notebooks belonging to members of the University of Basel, provided that they are connected via eduroam or VPN to the university’s network.

Outside the University of Basel

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Members of the university (employees and students with a or email account) can access the e-media licensed by the University Library from anywhere in the world with any Internet connection via VPN. To do this, install and configure the Cisco VPN Client Software. WebVPN does not work for all providers. 

You can access the Internet from many public hotspots in Switzerland (PWLAN), at all Swiss and most international academic institutions (eduroam), but generally you cannot access the licensed e-media of the University of Basel, nor of the host institution. To do so, you would additionally need to start the VPN Client Software. Please note that some institutions, e.g. hospitals, block VPN connections.

Get full text

Icon get full text

The icon Get full text shows you the available full texts for each document in external databases and on publisher platforms (if licensed for the University of Basel; please activate VPN before starting your search) as well as additional services offered by the University Library.

Clicking on the icon Get full text will take you to swisscovery Basel. The following services are available there:

  • electronic full text (if licensed for the University of Basel)
  • availability in a library in swisscovery Basel
  • copy order option: if the electronic full text is not available, you will be asked to log in with your SWITCH edu-ID so that you can then place a copy order with the University Library Basel.

Copyright | Restrictions on use

Access to most of the electronic documents and databases offered via the University Library’s websites is based on license agreements between publishers and the university. The licences impose certain restrictions on use. Please take note of the publishers’ copyright regulations on their websites (e.g. under Terms & Conditions).
The licences impose certain restrictions on use, such as:

  • The electronic documents and databases are intended for personal use only, as part of research and teaching at the University of Basel. Commercial use is prohibited.
  • Passing information on to third parties or distribution of information (e.g. via a website) is generally prohibited.  
  • Documents may be processed in the context of the legally permitted personal use.
  • Systematic downloading or duplication (manual or automated) of whole issues of e-journals, whole e-books or significant portions of databases is not permitted.
  • Passwords and other access information are confidential and may not be shared with third parties. This also applies to the email accounts of the university ( or

In general, the IT terms of use at the University of Basel and the Copyright Act apply.