Bibliometrics is the evaluation of academic publications on the basis of quantitative methods. Bibliometric analyses reflect how academic publications are perceived in the academic community, i.e. how strongly they shape an academic field. However, bibliometrics is not only limited to the assessment of academic influence. It can also be used to identify new trends and developments in academic fields or to describe cooperation between researchers and thereby stimulate new academic exchange.

Our consultations and quantitative assessments are based on the principles of the Leiden Manifesto. We take into account the limitations of the validity of bibliometric measures and supplement these with qualitative assessments by subject matter experts. All evaluations are carried out according to predefined standards, impartially and taking into account the specifics of each case.

The University Library Basel will advise you with regard to any concerns, and work with you to identify meaningful bibliometric measures to support you with writing applications, career planning or strategic organisational development.

We offer advice for individual researchers on the basis of bibliometric values that are as objective as possible and also field independent, in order to determine current academic position and to optimise research profiles. In order to support important strategic decisions by boards and committees, we prepare cross-sectional and longitudinal citation analyses of institutes and departments, as far as possible, also in national or international comparison. We also visualise existing and potential academic networks. This enables the initiation of strategically-important cooperation.


It is not always easy to compile a complete publication list of one’s own publications, as author names are sometimes recorded inconsistently in different databases and because not all entries can be found in all databases. We create searches in multiple databases and deduplicate the results. If you wish, we can also have your author profile standardised in the individual databases and add ranking factors to your list.

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Tools for bibliometric questions:

  • Web of Science (within the University of Basel network)
  • JCR (within the University of Basel network)
  • inCites (within the University of Basel network, account required)
  • Scopus (within the University of Basel network)
  • iCite (freely accessible)
  • Altmetrics (freely accessible)
  • ORCID ID (freely accessible)



Our service is aimed at all members of the university and of the University Hospital Basel and is free of charge during the pilot phase.

Bibliometrics Group University Library Basel:

  • Dr. Robin Segerer (coordination), Subject librarian for psychology
  • Monika Wechsler, Subject librarian for medicine
  • Caroline Huwiler, Subject librarian for economics

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