Print course reserves - Services for University of Basel lecturers

You have the opportunity to make books available to students in your courses for the duration of a semester.

Media selectionYou may compile course reserves from all of the resources of University of Basel libraries (see below for restrictions).

The media are made available in your institute, where they are also accessible to external users.

Library cardYou can order a library card for your course reserves via email.

The media may be ordered via email by means of a literature list.
It is not possible to fetch the items yourself and borrow them directly.


Journal volumes may be included in course reserves if the publication is older than 10 years.
Holdings from the Special Collections may only be consulted on site in the libraries.

Loan periodEnd of the semester (end of June or beginning of January, as appropriate)
ExtensionsAt the end of the semester, all media must be returned. Should these continue to be required for a following course, you may request an extension via email.