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Mathematical Association of America’s Mathematical Sciences Digital Library

Mathematics on the Web
American Mathematical Society (AMS)

The Mathematics Information Service (fidmath)
SUB Göttingen - TIB Hannover - Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO)

Data collections
Open access preprints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Cornell University Library, Ithaka, NY

EuDML: The European Digital Mathematics Library
EuDML by 15 partners from 9 European countries. Over 200'000 documents from scholarly journals, monographs, and multivolume works, scientifically validated and eventually open access.

European Mathematical Information Service EMIS 
European Mathematical Society (EMS) - i.a. Electronic Library of Mathematics (Open Access)

MacTutor History of Mathematics archive 
University of St Andrews, Scotland - a integrated collection of over 1000 biographies and historical articles

Mathematical functions
More than 37 000 mathematical formulas and functions

Norman Megill (MIT), automated verification of proofs

Free open-source mathematics software system

Digitized main Swiss Mathematics Journals. Swiss Mathematical Society.

Online through the university’s computer network: 

  • e-journals: extensive range of current academic journals, many archives from the first issue, complete publisher collections (e.g. ACM, Elsevier, IEEE, Springer Nature, Wiley)
  • bibliographic databases (MathSciNet, Zentralblatt MATH) 
  • e-books: Springer eBook Collection Mathematics and Statistics (all German and English language computer science books since 2005), all e-books from the Wiley Online Library and De Gruyter Online (except for textbooks, which are offered on a separate platform).

University Main Library printed holdings:

  • textbooks (English and German), duplicate copies of some (open stacks and reading room)
  • reference works
  • applied mathematics
  • statistics, numerical mathematics
  • introductions to branches and methods
  • mathematics:  history, society, philosophy
  • a few printed conference proceedings and research literature
  • complete published works from Birkhäuser (up until 2018)

Libraries with additional holdings: