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In our society we have shown the example, that even without foreign military service, we can also succeed in having an insight into all aspects of warfare.

Nicolaus Miville, founder of the military library (1761)

Training courses and consultations for military science are available on request.



The holdings on Military Science are fed on the one hand from the holdings of the University Library and on the other hand from the holdings of the Foundation Military Library Basel. The Foundation Military Library Basel, supported by the Offiziersgesellschaft beider Basel (OGBB) and the Artillerie-Offiziers-Verein Basel (AOV), was established in 1760 by Basel resident Nicolaus Miville (1718-1790), among others. His intention was to create a forum to discuss and collect literature on the art of war. Today the 40 000-volume collection forms one of the most important private military libraries in Switzerland.  The collection is managed by the University Library Basel.


Subject areas:

  • General military and war history
  • Military affairs in Basel (Basel-Stadt and Basel-Land)
  • Biographies and memoirs
  • Military and war science, including security policy
  • Military complementary sciences (including weapons science)

Time periods:

  • All eras
  • Focus, in accordance with literary production, on the history of the modern era


  • All regions of the world
  • Focus on Europe and the USA
  • Switzerland: academic literature, complete where possible
  • Basel Region: complete where possible

Type of literature:

  • Monographs and journals
  • Lexicons, encyclopaedias, bibliographies
  • Source editions
  • Congress reports
  • Exhibition catalogues
  • In the university’s computer network: e-journals, online databases and e-books