Register now for swisscovery the new search portal

From 7 December 2020, users of our libraries will have access to almost all of the scientific media holdings in Switzerland via a single portal called swisscovery. The previous library networks and catalogues will be replaced – including swissbibBasel Bern and IDS Basel Bern. At the local level, libraries in Basel will be connected to one another via a single search interface and will offer joint services.

In order to be able to use swisscovery, all library users will have to register again. A SWITCH edu-ID account is required for this purpose. You can already register with swisscovery now with your SWITCH edu-ID. If you do not yet have a SWITCH edu-ID account, you can set it up when you register. Existing library cards and UNIcards can still be used.

Further Information on the switch to swisscovery