swisscovery - registration and help

swisscovery - the national search portal for academic libraries

The swisscovery portal provides access to almost all of the academic media holdings in Switzerland  (more than 30 million books, series, journals and non-book materials as well as more than 3 billion electronic articles).

swisscovery is operated by the Swiss Library Service Platform (SLSP). This was founded by 15 university libraries. To date, around 500 libraries throughout Switzerland have joined. At the local level, libraries in Basel are connected to one another via the search interface swisscovery Basel. In addition to the free Basel Courier service, there is also the SLSP Courier (CHF 6.- per item ordered), which connects academic libraries throughout Switzerland.

In order to be able to use swisscovery, you will have to register. A SWITCH edu-ID account is required for this purpose. We recommend that you link your SWITCH edu-ID account to your educational institution (if available).

You can register with swisscovery with your SWITCH edu-ID. If you do not yet have a SWITCH edu-ID account, you can set it up when you register. In doing so, you must consent to your SWITCH edu-ID account data being passed on to SLSP (see below for data protection provisions). Existing library cards and UNIcards can still be used.

When a SWITCH AAI account is linked to the SWITCH edu-ID, the UNIcard library number is automatically copied to the library account and the address details also do not have to be added manually. Address changes therefore only have to be made at the University of Basel.  

The creation of a SWITCH edu-ID is not only essential for the use of the libraries, but after 10 November 2020, other university services can also only be used with a SWITCH edu-ID. Additional information


After creating a SWITCH edu-ID, the library user number must be entered when registering. You will receive additional information during the registration process and under «Help»:

Users who do not yet have a user card can have one issued at any circulation desk in the participating libraries. Prior registration with swisscovery is necessary.

SWITCH edu-ID can only be used for personal accounts. If you need an account for your company / institution / library, please apply for an institutional account using the form on the SLSP registration page. Then contact your preferred library by email to activate the account. Like personal accounts, non-personal accounts can be used for all SLSP libraries.
FAQ for customers of Institutional Accounts

Contact us if you need assistance with registering/creating the SWITCH edu-ID account and if you have further questions about researching and ordering in swisscovery.

Tel. +41 61 207 30 73
Contact details of all libraries in swisscovery Basel

Corporations contact SLSP directly direkt via 

When you register with SLSP, it will import your personal data (name, addresses, telephone numbers, email address) from your SWITCH edu-ID account into the new swisscovery  search portal.

You can update your personal information in your SWITCH edu-ID account at any time. The changes will be automatically transferred to swisscovery. Library-specific data such as loans, orders and fees will be recorded directly in swisscovery.

You can delete your user account at any time as long as there are no open transactions (loans or fees). To delete your user account, delete your SWITCH edu-ID account or contact SLSP.  

Transaction data are regularly anonymised and accounts in swisscovery will be deleted after 10 years of inactivity.

For more information on data protection, refer to the SLSP website.

For fee-based services from swisscovery (e.g. copy orders, SLSP Courier, postal delivery), invoices are issued monthly by the operator of swisscovery, the Swiss Library Service Platform (SLSP). You will find all the information you need on invoices under FAQ Billing by SLSP.