/ Simon Geiger

swissuniversities and Springer Nature sign a new transformative Open Access agreement

swissuniversities has adopted a new transformative Open Access agreement with Springer Nature. This agreement provides access to most journals issued by Springer Nature and enables authors affiliated with University of Basel to publish their accepted research papers Open Access.

Following to the memorandum of understanding signed in March 2020, the read&publish-agreement Springer Compact was finalized and is operative from 1.7.2020.

Read The present access to the journals by Springer is extended to all journals by ADIS, Nature Academic (without Nature in their title) and Palgrave. In combination with the existing National Licence Springer journals are aviabale from their first issues. In a separate contract, Univ. Basel licences 46 of the 52 subscription based "Nature Branded Journals", that are excluded from the oa-publishing-part of the agreement.

Publish Authors at the University of Basel and the associated University Hospitals of Basel submitting a manuscript in these journals issued by Springer, see the message «Special open access agreement» and should choose the free option "Open Access". Springer Compact includes all articles accepted from 1.7.2020 by journals published on the platform LINK offering the option «Open Choice» (hybrid open access). Gold Open Access journals are excluded from this agreement.

Feedback and questions: Dr. Simon Geiger (e-media coordinator) simon.geiger at unibas.ch oder an openaccess at unibas.ch