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Scopus is a comprehensive bibliographic database of scientific literature and its associated citations, comparable to Web of Science. Journal articles, congress reports, book series, books and patents from all subject areas are listed; a total of more than 60 million documents with references from 1970 onwards, over 6 million documents from 1788 to 1969, and more than 40 million patents. The index terms taken from Compendex and EMBASE are includes in the keyword earch. Chemical structures in the respective records are linked with Reaxys. More...


  • different journal selection criteria
  • more journals, esp. outside US
  • citation from 1970 (WoS from 1900)
  • MeSH terms
  • index terms taken from Engineering Index, EMTREE, GEOBASE
  • parallel download of several full text articles incl. meaningful naming of pdf files
  • CiteScore and other journal scores freely available. Alternative to Journal Impact Factor (see Journal Citation Reports).

Due to the differences in sources, indexing, and retrieval software, WoS and Scopus do not retrieve exactly the same hits to the same query. For a comparison in depth see:
Mongeon, P. & Paul-Hus, A. Scientometrics (2016) 106: 213.