Subject librarian


Introduction to the University Library

  • to understand the layout of the reading rooms and open stack
  • for mastering the basics of educational information searching and finding literature/media through the local library catalogue
  • for navigating the websites of the University Library and to introduce the specialist educational electronic information and media available


Basic introduction to searching for information

  • topic-related information searching in ERIC, Education Research Portal, etc.
  • topic-related usage of scientific search engines

Advanced information searching

  • for in-depth topic-related information searching in ERIC, FIS Bildung, etc. and related psychological/sociological databases
  • for identifying different publication types and finding targeted sources
  • for the independent use of electronic resources


Information processing

  • reference management with Zotero and Citavi


(Kopie 2)

  • Basic literature, general representations, as well as individual subdisciplines
  • Reference works (encyclopaedias, lexicons, dictionaries)
  • Textbooks, but not teaching material
  • Research literature
  • Journals in consultation with the institute, where possible with online access
  • Bibliographic databases online in the university’s computer network: German Education Index, Education Research Portal and many more


Other acquisition aspects:

  • Languages: focus on German and English, lower proportion of Romance languages