Subject librarian

Specialist institutions

In consultation with the Philosophy Department, the subject librarian is increasingly acquiring electronic holdings.


Primary literature

  • Citable complete works of classic and contemporary philosophy in the original language and where possible complete
  • Selected citable primary texts translated into German, English, French or Italian.
  • Audiobooks: a selection of lectures and presentations by important philosophical authors


Secondary literature

  • General and specialist dictionaries and lexicons on philosophy and associated subdisciplines
  • Specialist bibliographies
  • Introductions and general works on philosophy and its subdisciplines
  • General scientific literature on philosophy and its history, subdisciplines as well as current trends and methods in the generally accessible languages (German, English, French, Italian).
  • Selected specialist research literature
  • Specialist journals in consultation with the Philosophy Department
  • Selected electronic journals and databases (primary texts, bibliographies, reference works) available in the university’s computer network


Historical collections

  • extensive primary and secondary literature from the time of early book printing


Libraries with additional holdings

Department of Philosophy: selected research literature covering main topics