Subject librarian

Subject-specific training courses

Information literacy training every spring semester:

  • Systematic searching for literatur and information in the social sciences (with credit points)
General training courses

All training opportunities at the University Library


Advice on searching for information for university members:

  • Help with searching for information on a specific topic
  • The use of subject-specific databases
  • Help with search strategies

Please contact us directly.

University Business and Economics Library holdings


  • Lexicons, encyclopaedias
  • Academic specialist literature
  • Textbooks, introductory works, handbooks
  • Methods
  • Bibliographic databases
  • Journals and series

Individual subject areas:

  • Family, women's studies, age
  • Modern societiy
  • Social movements
  • Migration
  • Economic sociology
  • Sociology of crime
  • Sociology of knowledge
  • Sociology of communication, media sociology
  • Cultural sociology

University Main Library holding

  • Print publication, older than 20 years
Subject librarian for sociology

The University Library provides all library services in the service of research and teaching: selection and acquisition of specialist literature in printed and electronic format, indexing in the catalogue, database access, training courses, etc.

  • If you need specific literature for your research, you can request this from the subject librarian Caroline Huwiler.
  • The subject librarian also orders literature which you have given your students as required or recommended reading.
  • The subject librarian offers training courses on request.


Support for research and teaching