Subject librarian

Literature searching

An introduction to literature search for students of business and economics will be given as part of the course "Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten I” every spring term.

The course "Informations-, Daten- und Medienkompetenz in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften", offered during the fall term, offers an in-depth introduction to information research.

Guided tours and training courses for students at the FHNW School of Business

We offer guided tours and training courses for students of the FHNW School of Business:


  • Guided tour through the library
  • Introduction to literature searching
  • Database training courses

Please get directly in touch with us.

General training courses

All training courses offered by the University Library.


Academic search support for students and faculty:

  • Search on specific topics
  • Use of subject-specific databases
  • Support in designing search strategies


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Business and economics – general
  • Handbooks, encyclopaedias, (language) dictionaries
  • Address books, directories, information centers, studies, research
  • Bibliographic databases
  • Key journals
  • Statistical yearbooks, country statistics, economic and social statistics, statistical databases
  • Biographies

Economics - general

  • Handbooks, encyclopaedias
  • Textbooks, introductions, handbooks
  • Bibliographic databases
  • Key journals
  • Publications of international organisations (OECD, IMF, World Bank, EU, etc.)

Economics – individual subjects

  • Economic theory
  • Economic policies
  • Economic growth, economic development
  • Financial markets
  • Public finances
  • Foreign trade, world economy
  • Economic order, economic structure
  • Environmental economics
  • Economic sectors (including agriculture, energy industry, banking, transport, healthcare) and economic fields (focus on Switzerland)

Business administration - general

  • Handbooks, encyclopaedias
  • Textbooks (duplicates, to some extent), introductions, handbooks
  • Bibliographic databases
  • Key journals
  • Business Journals
  • Factual databases (companies, sectors, markets)

Business administration – individual subjects

  • General management (also practice-oriented literature)
  • Planning, controlling, accounting
  • Quantitative methods
  • Marketing
  • Corporate finance
  • Organisation, personnel, management
  • Business informatics

Libraries with additional holdings

Faculty of Business and Economics

The University Library Business and Economics provides all library services for research and instruction at the Faculty of Business and Economics: selection and acquisition of subject literature in printed and electronic format, indexing in the catalogue, database access, and training courses.

  • If you need specific literature for your research, you may request it from the subject librarian.
  • The subject librarian also acquires all literature, which you have specified to your students as being compulsory or recommended reading.
  • The subject librarian offers training courses on request.


Please get directly in touch here.


Further information can be found in the Merkblatt für Dozierende (PDF, 0.1MB).
A Library Commission regulates the cooperation between Faculty and Library (Reglement der Bibliothekskommission (PDF, 0.1MB).

Information on Open Science, Open Access Publishing and Digital Research

Information on Open Science, Open Access publishing and digital research can be found here.

More details on Open Access and Read & Publish agreements are summarized here.

Information on the University of Basel's institutional repository edoc, which lists scientific publications produced at the university, is compiled here.

Support for research and teaching

The University Library is your main contact for the following:







Services for Students

The Library supports students and assists them with research and the availability of specialized literature. The subject area page is the starting point for research in databases and lists further research tools. If you need specific literature for your studies, you can report requests to the subject librarian. In particular, the subject librarian provides support in literature searches, in using Swisscovery and databases, in finding e-resources, in designing research strategies or in using literature management programs, such as Zotero. Upon request, the subject librarian offers group and individual consultations

Please get directly in touch here.

[Translate to English:] Schreibe Deine beste Hausarbeit

Short guide by the ZBW on how to write term papers in economics (in German).


browzine logo

BrowZine presents economics journals as a digital newsstand.

stock exchange prices

Refinitiv (previously Thomson Reuters) has transferred the Datastream database to the EIKON platform. Datastream provides information on approximately 75,000 stocks and securities. EIKON is a financial and analysis system and consists of the EIKON web interface, an integrated Excel add-in and Datastream. Tutorials can be found at the Refinitiv Learning Centre and in the Refinitiv Learning Catalogue. Access to the database terminal is provided in the reading room of the Business and Economics Library.

[Translate to English:] Leitfaden_Datenbanken

Brief guide to all licensed databases and e-media in the field of business and economics (in German).



Top economics journals according to the current Handelsblatt ranking.



The BASE scientific search engine specializes in open access content.

[Translate to English:] Broschüre Forschungsdaten

A ZBW paper on research data in economics and the social sciences (in German).



Unpaywall is a browser extension (for Firefox or Chrome) to search Open Access content.