Subject librarian

Medicine and nursing

Guidelines FMH (in German and French)

SAMW Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (includes i.a. medical-ethical guidelines)

LIVIVO ZB MED Search Portal for Life Sciences – medicine, health care, and nutritional, environmental and agricultural sciences

Cochrane Kompakt – summaries from the Cochrane Library for laypersons in German

Famba (Fachschaft Medizin Basel) list of resources (in German)

Medinfo: Meta-portal for health topics (in German)

PEDro Physiotherapy Evidence Database (> 40 000 randomised trials, systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines)

FIT-Nursing Care Internet platform in support of evidence-based nursing (in German)

Pharmaceutical sciences

Pharmaceuticals information: specialist product information for Switzerland   

Swissmedic: Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, official product information, product recalls, opinions

Pharmawiki: Pharmaceutical encyclopaedia for Switzerland (in German)

PubPharm: search in 45 million publications from the pharmaceutical field (in German)


Target group: senior research fellows

  • The most important journals (core collection)
  • Journals covering individual research areas of the university
  • Bibliographic databases that index the available journals as comprehensively as possible.


Target group: apprentices

  • Textbooks (mostly non-lending reference works and e-books)
  • Further monographs for deepening of medical knowledge in individual specialist subject areas
  • Dictionaries
  • Atlases
  • Reference works


Target group: doctors working at the University Hospital Basel (additional to the above resources)

  • Factual databases to support evidence-based medicine (e.g. Cochrane, UpToDate)


In addition, in the University Main Library’s closed stacks or in the Speicherbibliothek in Büron, the following are available:

  • University of Basel dissertations
  • University of Basel professorial dissertations
  • Basiliensia (local congresses, works by Basel authors, publishers, pharmaceutical industry, etc.) without relevance for teaching-research and services
  • Journal volumes that are more than 10 years old
  • Monographs, handbooks, etc., which are no longer current
  • Rare books, bibliophilia, antiquities

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